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I'm a Brooklyn-based actor, singer, and creative born in Raleigh, NC. As a kid with a bowl haircut and rock collection (fig. 2), I developed a passion for storytelling and spent every afternoon traversing my imagination in the woods behind my house. Now, many years (and better haircuts) later, I spend every day looking for the next time I'll get to play pretend (professionally). 

I graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with my BFA in Musical Theatre in 2020 (lol), and have since found my way to the big apple, where I'm so excited to be pursuing what I love. 

You might see me playing the captain of the debate team, a golden-age ingenue with a modern, feminist edge, or a Victorian schoolgirl with an adventurous heart. Think Hermione Granger, Anne of Greene Gables, and Jo March. I care most about telling stories that uplift and empower us to look inward, care more deeply for our neighbors, and our voices for what's right. I believe in the power of art to shape us as people, and will fight for justice, representation, empathy and respect always. 

I love to take long walks, bake cobblers and cakes, binge the cringiest reality TV available, and laugh hard with friends. Oh, and I love dogs more than is probably healthy (see Scout and Daisy, fig.3). 

Thanks for checking out the site!


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